Powered by Mr. Privacy, an open and federated social networking application platform built on Email.

Why SocialBar?

Wanna find out what web pages your friends like? and hear their comments on pages you browse?
But worried about giving away your privacy to companies selling profiles or serving ads?

SocialBar lets you share as you browse easily and without reservations!
You can share anything you would share over email!

What is Socialbar?

SocialBar, brought to you by the MobiSocial Laboratory at Stanford, is a Firefox browser extension.
All conversations go straight from your browser to email.
There is no Big-Brother server that knows it all.

Recent Tell your friends about the page you are viewing.
See what your friends share with you recently.
Continue on any thread of discussion.
To share, just type in your comment and your friends' email addresses. The link and title of the current page are already filled in for you.
Person See what any friend has shared with you.

Click on any friend to see all the links he or she shares. Just click on any message to continue the thread.
Place See what your friends say about the page you are viewing.

Change the slider on the top and see comments on pages in the same domain.

Video Demo

Installing and Configuring SocialBar

1. Download SocialBar     Click the download button; approve the installation; restart Firefox.
2. Add SocialBar Click View, choose Sidebar, then SocialBar.
3. Log in
You are set if you are using gmail or Yahoo mail.
4. Configure servers
Type in the name of your imap and smtp servers. Currently your email provider must support IMAP and SMTP servers that run over SSL.

Who Can Use SocialBar?

You can use SocialBar as long as you are using Gmail, Yahoo mail, or any mail server that supports IMAP and SMTP with SSL.
All the messages sent by SocialBar will be moved to a separate folder called MrPrivacy.

You can share your links and comments with any friends even if they are not using SocialBar.
SocialBar will send your friends a friendly email message like this:

Technical Information

Mr. Privacy: Open and Federated Social Networking Using Email.
Michael Fischer, T. J. Purtell, Ruven Chu, and Monica S. Lam.
October 2010.