How can I use Slant?

Click here to launch a version of the Muse program that will generate custom search engines based on your email folders. Once you have created the search engine, you can use it for regular web search.

You can specify any set of folders to extract links from. For example, some people specify their entire sent mail folders. Others use a folder that stores messages from a mailing list with high quality information. Some people have a stash of links in some text somewhere, email it to themselves , create a folder with just that message and point Muse to that folder. You can even export bookmarks from your browser as a text file, copy and paste it into a an email to yourself to get a search engine tuned towards your bookmarks!

Before you start!

You need to have access to one or more email accounts. Slant will let you choose some folders from your email accounts, and create a personalized search engine that biases results towards the sites that are frequently mentioned in those email folders. Slant uses the Muse program to extract domains from the folders you specify. Your email never leaves your own machine, so you need not have any concerns about confidentiality.

Where can I read more?

Our paper Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Lend me your URLs. Using Social Chatter to Personalize Web Search was presented in February 2012 at the CSCW conference in Seattle.

Note that our public prototype only has support for email; due to Twitter policies, we are unable to access a sizeable corpus of historical Twitter feeds.

If you like the idea of privacy-respecting personalization, be sure to check out our Experience-Infused Browser as well!