Revive Precious Memories Using Email.

Reminisce about the past.
Uncover long-forgotten topics and people across tens of thousands of messages in your email.

Chart your sentiments.
See the highs and lows in your life, as captured in your email.

See the people in your life.
Find out how different groups enter and leave your life.

Browse your attachments.
Watch your email attachments materialize on the Piclens 3D photo wall.

Highlight text on web pages.
Connect your browser to your archive and personalize web pages by highlighting terms in your email.

Solve a personal crossword.
Stimulate your memory and solve a puzzle created from your own archive.

Muse for Mac OS X
Muse for Java
Firefox, Chrome or Safari required. (Problems?)

Muse is an active research project in the Mobisocial lab at Stanford University. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates.