What does the future hold when we have billions of users with personal smart phones? Like the PCs automating the office, smart phones will transform our social life. The Stanford MobiSocial Computing Laboratory focuses on creating novel user experience, system architecture, infrastructure design, development frameworks, and security protocols for the programmable open mobile internet (POMI) by year 2020.

MobiSocial Computing Laboratory Affiliates Program


The MobiSocial Computing Laboratory provides the opportunity for corporations and other organizations to collaborate and interact with Stanford researchers in mobile and social computing research.

The main goals for the Laboratory are:

More information on the laboratory is available here.


Companies joining the MobiSocial Computing Laboratory are invited to participate in annual retreats, workshops, and seminars. Members will have the opportunity to get first-hand information on the work in progress and influence research directions. Such interactions often precipitate joint projects between Stanford researchers and one or more companies. The laboratory also provides a unique venue for companies to discuss and collaborate with each other.


The annual fee of a lab membership is $200,000.


Current and past companies participating in the MobiSocial Computing Laboratory: AVG, Google, HTC, ING Direct, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson.


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