Stanford University

Bspoke is an open-source program that enables people to automatically build a rich profile of themselves - one that only they can see - and scouts the web to create a deeply personalized mobile news report. Think of bspoke as a second brain, one that is deeply steeped in your personal history and with no agenda but to work on your behalf, filtering the web to catch the most relevant information. It uses new, portable and user-controlled personalization technology to build profiles with no effort by the user, from activities such as email, Facebook, browsing history, documents, etc. Bspoke strengthens the open web by leveling the playing field for publishers and putting control back into users’ hands.


Current version of Bspoke (Aug. 2014.)

Earlier versions (not supported any more):

IMPORTANT: Study participants, please have this this instruction sheet open as you go through the study.)
Bspoke.dmg (Mac OS X 10.7 and higher only)
Bspoke.exe (Windows systems; a Java runtime should be installed)

Bspoke-July12.dmg (Release: July 12, Mac OS X 10.7 and higher only)

A project from the Stanford Mobisocial Laboratory.