Bookify web pages and flip easily through them.

Drag this bookmarklet: Bookify
to your browser's bookmarks toolbar, and click it while
on one of these example sites.

If you don't see a toolbar in your browser,
it is typically available under the View -> Toolbars menu.

        US patent search
        All pages on a school website
        XKCD (select some comics)
        List of board games on Wikipedia (select some games)
        MedHelp Health Forums
        NY Times books section
        Nobel Peace Prizes (select the winners)
        Bloomberg Tech News
        Roger Ebert's Great movies list (select some movies)

You can select text containing links you would like to follow, and click the bookmarklet. If no text is selected, all links on the page are fetched. Bookify runs entirely within your browser and needs no setup. No data is collected or posted anywhere. Works best in Chrome.

Quick help:
Watch a
demo video.
1. Click anywhere on the page (except on a hyperlink) to display or dismiss the jog dial.
2. Left or right arrow keys move back/forward by a page. Shift-TAB/TAB moves back/forward by 10 pages.
3. Not recommended for pages with a lot of Javascript code.
4. Only pages in the same domain as the original page are fetched.

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